Uncle Bill grab a cup of Chamomile Tea relax and read this at your leisure.


Amazon is -


Amazon is an online retailer/reseller to the tune of $188 Billion in sales per year.

They started out selling books. Now they sell everything and they are on track to control the Universe.

Walmart is King at $485 Billion.

Amazon does it with no brick and mortar stores.

Amazon has clients like me that pay 15% to sell, feature and advertise Agape.



So Bill what exactly is an Amazon Liason?

What exactly do you do ????

Liason-communication or cooperation that facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations.


Awaken Nutrition Liason

I am the East Coast supervisor/shipping mgr/customer service for

all Things Awaken Related in the tr-state area. New York , New Jersey and Connectcicut.

Awaken Nutrition manufactures a product called Agape.

Agape became Kosher in 2017 I was hired to oversee the region discussed.

Kosher Certification greatly changed the customer base dramatically increasing salesand a need for

dedicated support in Lakewood specifically. My day consits of recieving orders by email from Amazom.

I generate shipping labels and confirm shipments on Amazon's portal for Awaken Nutriton.

I recieve and answer all inquiries, compalints, concerns and returns for Agape.

Once again all communication for Amazon is done via emails which I oversee.

I also feild calls in this region as many Orthadox Jew's do not use computers.

As a result of my envlovemant sales have increased  67% in this region.

I have achieved a 99% appproval rating from Amazon and encouraged many positive review.


I also worked on achieving an A+ Rating on with the BBB for  Awaken Nutriton.


Its best if I walk you through the process of all things Amazon

on your computer as we did prior. let me know ........

Its an hour tops to conquer the process...

If Aunt Pats home an hour and a half :)

If youd like take a peek at my Amazon Portal ?


login:::::   info@pisces3.com

password::  Awaken369